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Special Offer for SiamSportsPro Clients

Special Offer for SiamSportsPro clients in partnership with Live More Lifestyle Clinic. Receive a complimentary “Recovery IV” or “Myer’s Cocktail IV” therapy worth THB 2,000 with every 5 pack of lessons purchased until December 2023

Live More Recovery IV is a special blend of antioxidants & nutrients to help recover from intensive training sessions and support the immune system. Myer’s Cocktail is a well known ‘cocktail’ of B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals to help increase hydration, boost energy, circulation and more.

Book Your Lessons

SiamSportsPro offers Tennis & Swimming personal coaching & hitting sessions at more than 30 partner locations across Phuket.  Come and visit Courtside Café on the site of Live More & SiamSportsPro Tennis Academy or visit the SiamSportsPro website to learn more.