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What is NAD+ and how does it help boost energy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) therapy is the latest breakthrough in anti-aging and brain health. Found in virtually all living cells, NAD+ is derived from Vitamins B and is essential to sustaining life.

NAD + is a naturally occuring coenzyme found in cells that promotes cell regeneration and the conversion of cellular energy. It is a crucial compound for the human body as it is involved in DNA repair, cell repair and healthy cell metabolism. Increasing NAD+ levels will slow the aging process and reverse age-related diseases.

Is it Right For Me?

NAD+ therapy can help individuals who  :

  • Interested in extending their lifespan.
  • Seeking to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • Interested in restoring neurological function.
  • Experiencing cognitive decline.
  • Desiring to restore muscle strength and function.
  •  Accelerating weight-loss programs 
  • Recovering from addiction and substance abuse.

NAD+ Anti-Aging Mechanisms

  • Contribute to longer telomeres
  • Promotes DNA repair
  • Supports energy production
  • Promotes chromosome health
  • Enhances neurotransmitter levels
  • Activates sirtuins (Superhero genes)
  • Boost immune-cell signaling.

What do you need to know?

Emerging evidence shows that supplementation of NAD+ levels may slow or even reverse many aspects of aging and also delays the progression of age-related diseases.

NAD+ therapy can improve many of the metabolic defects common to the aging process, including neurodegenerative conditions, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and many other age-related issues. This is proven in published peer reviewed research and journals. 

Treatmnet with NAD+ can greatly benefit, support and improve essential body functions.

Sources & References can be found here.

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At Live More, we primarily use the  NAD+ for Fighting against Aging to a cellular level and Increase energy levels and reduce Fatigue.

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