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What does a Micronutrient Profile tell me?

Micronutrients are substances required in small amounts that are essential to our health, development and growth.  They are often referred to vitamins and minerals, which cannot be produced in human body and are obtained from a wide variety of food and supplements.

Micronutrients play an important role in metabolism, maintenance of tissue function, optimising health and prevention or treatment of disease.  An adequate intake of micronutrients is necessary, but the excess supplementation may be harmful.  Therefore, accurate assessment of micronutrient status in our bodies is very important.

These special lab tests will be utilized to evaluate either a person has any nutrient deficiencies or imbalance.  It gives one a better understanding of own body and make healthier lifestyle choices, dietary adjustments and customizing nutritional supplements.

What can I expect to get?

Here is an example of how the results typically look and the level of detail provided.  Based on these results, the doctor will create a plan to address any gaps including nutritional plans, personalised supplements and/or IV therapies where suggested.

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At Live More, we primarily use the Micronutrient Profile for creating the most accurate personalised supplements.  Book a consultation with our specialists or visit our clinic to find out more.